Tarot ∙ Reiki ∙ I Ching ∙ Medium ∙ Magick

“You are engaging in madness. I feel obliged to accompany you.”

― Jodorowsky, Alejandro


I am Sera Timms.


I work as a conduit to the illuminating intelligences of Tarot, I Ching, and Usui Reiki as well as being a lifelong student of the Esoteric Mysteries, specifically in symbolism.

I bring my knowledge and healing in the form of Tarot and I-Ching readings, Reiki healings, Mediumship, classes, workshops and guided mediations which all serve to guide and empower you into your highest conscious state. From this center of self awareness arises your purpose, your love, your abundance, and your path.


The Healing Art of Lvx Ten is the alchemical process of cultivating the inner diamond of love and light from within the dark cavern of innermost self. We need both the light (LVX) and the dark (TENEBRAS) to reach our full potential.

I combine the principals and cosmic epithets of High Magick with the practical simplicity of Natural Magic to create approachable, effective magickal practice for the beginner, or the most established magician.